Republic Day

“Yoga for Prevention of Disease
and Promotion of Health”


Dr. D. Nagaraja ji
Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati ji
on 21st June 2015

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Name of Speaker Topic / Time
Dr W Selvamurthy (President)
ASTIF & Chair Professor for Life Sciences
Former Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller R&D(LS), DRDO
Prophylactic, Promotive& Curative Effects
of Yogic Practice: Scientific Perspective
(03:35 PM to 03:50 PM)
Dr M V Bhole
Former Jt. Director of Research
Working with the awareness of breath
breathing in Yoga
(03:50 PM to 04:05 PM)
Dr Shashi Bala Singh (Director)
DIPAS, DRDO, New Delhi, (India)
Yoga for soldiers in extreme environments
(04:05 PM to 04:20 PM)
Ms. Krishna Madappa (President & Co-founder)
The Institute of Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, Taos, New Mexico (USA)
Applied Spiritual Sciences for Wellbeing
(04:20 PM to 04:35 PM)
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